New Puppy? Here is your shopping list!

So now that you have a new puppy and a home for your newest family member, happiness awaits. As you care for your new pet, you soon realize you require more than just a few newspapers for the floor, some food, a bowl, and a leash to accommodate your puppy’s minimal needs. And without a second thought, you’re out the door with your newest shopping pal!

Soon, you’re going down all aisles of the pet store and your bank card does its best to hide inside your wallet. The sheer amount of supplies is above and beyond what you expected. And you’re wondering if your bank account can withstand endless essential products.

Would you feel any better knowing that we can avoid pet owner overwhelm with a smart shopping list?

What if you could find affordable products and safeguard your budget?.

We’d like to recommend a brief list to get you started.

Here is the list:

  • Collar

Collars come in a large variety. And buying cheap versions will deplete your account. A sturdy, reliable, adjustable, and comfortable collar should last several years.

  • Tags

No one likes the possibility of a runaway dog. Worthy of mention are engravable tags for easy identification or purchase tags which are trackable by phone signal.

  • Crate

A good crate gives a growing puppy a sense of security and comfort. A crate also gives you the ability to train your dog about boundaries and limits.

  • Stain and Odor Eliminator

Puppies are notorious for messes indoors. Why not prepare for the worst?

  • Paw Protection

One of the growing trends is paw protection against the elements, especially freezing cold ice and snow and hot pavement. This accessory may seem needless at first glance, but considering how dog paws are vulnerable, this choice is very smart.

  • Organic Food

Food is critical to your dog’s development. These choices are a splendid start.

  • Poop Collector

As climate concerns continue to become more common, collecting poop and its proper disposal is important.

  • Dog Shampoo

Keeping your puppy clean and smelling good is key to preventing diseases and more.

Rewarding your puppy is important for training and great for general ‘spoiling’, so make the practice count!

  • Organic Toys

Toys are now organic, meaning they are more teeth, gum and mouth friendly and virtually assure optimum dental health.

  • Dental Care Kit

One of the many expensive maintenance choices for puppies is dental care. We recommend this choice as a preventative measure to save you thousands for a professional clean.

  • Outside wear for all seasons

When holidays come around, nothing is more fun than dressing up your pooch. These options are not only festive, but conversation starters!


There you have it, a modest list for most essentials for a growing pooch. But we’re not stopping there.

Here is your quick reference puppy list:

  1. Collar
  2. Tags
  3. Crate
  4. Stain and Odor Eliminator
  5. Paw Protection
  6. Organic Food
  7. Poop Collector
  8. Dog Shampoo
  9. Organic Treats
  10. Organic Toys
  11. Dental Care Kit
  12. Clothing for Outdoors

Each product mentioned above will have its own post (with more detail) in the coming days and weeks.

Look for our posts as you care for your new dog!


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